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Our online crossword puzzle maker creates printable and online playable crossword puzzles very easily via our mobile- & userfriendly website. Ideal for teachers, companies and puzzle lovers!

For automatically generating your crossword puzzle, we have implemented several algorithms that help to create the best possible crossword puzzle.

The same algorithms can also be used to create cryptic crossword puzzles

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Crossword Puzzle Maker Algorithms

Crossword Puzzles for Teachers & Students

I love the fact that the use of (crossword) puzzles within education enrich the learning experience of the students. But the necessary tools to accomplish this online from your own school LMS (Learning Management System), were not available. That's why I started, to create the technology that enables teachers to easily generate crossword puzzles from their own learning materials. 

Teachers, you are the pillar of this society and I hope to help in any way I can by developing new tools or further improving the current crossword puzzle maker. If you have any questions or ideas about the platform, please let me know.  

To accompany the development of puzzles within education, I have created a premium teacher account that enables even more features specifically for teachers, lik