Answer keys

Teachers can now easily look up the answers on their own answer key!

In class, it is often cumbersome to have to think of all the answers yourself while helping students or not having an overview of the filled in puzzle.

But the solution is here! I have integrated a special answer key within crossword puzzles (and wordseekers, for that matter) to help teachers out.

The answer key for crossword puzzles is available via all of the Premium-subscriptions. On the Publish-section when creating your puzzle, you can switch the answer key on/off and these changes are then automatically converted to the printable puzzle, so you can easily print versions of the crossword puzzle with and without answer keys.

Printable version

The printable version is customized, to remove the colors from the correct answer key cells, so it saves colored ink.

Try it out!

If you join Puzzel.org as a teacher (or another premium subscription), you can easily create infinite puzzles with answer keys for during the classes.

Join here or create a crossword puzzle with answer key directly if you are already a member.

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