Best Crossword Puzzle Maker

The best crossword puzzle maker you will find online with loads of features!

To me, to decide which crossword puzzle maker is the best, we need to look at a couple of important details / features.


The most interesting part about creating a online crossword puzzle maker, is the options you have when adding functionality. Since it is a digital product, there are way more interesting puzzle options compared to create just a printed crossword puzzle.

Puzzel.org has functionality ranging from registration + statistics to playing a puzzle in multiplayer/team-mode. Any feature you desire, this crossword puzzle maker will have it or try to build it for you! :)


It is also essential that you as the puzzle owner have options to integrate the puzzle into your own online habitat as well as possible.

By including a neutral crossword puzzle setup as a starting point (white background) it will always blend in. But, you also have your own brand & styling wishes and that is why there are custom styling options.


Crossword puzzles are not an easy feature to build from scratch, especially if you want to manage your puzzles later on as well. That's why letting other companies create a custom builder, will take a lot of time and thus costs. The best crossword puzzle maker should have an affordable pricing and profit from scaling up to a lot of users instead of charging a couple of users for a lot.


In my humble opinion, Puzzel.org has done its best to achieve all these important characteristics and will always try to improve the existing setup with the always helpful feedback of its users.

Would you like to try out the best crossword puzzle maker? Let's go!

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