Canvas LMS integration

Extend the crossword puzzle maker into your courses with ease! Just for teachers!

Extend the crossword puzzle maker into your courses with ease! Just for teachers! Embedding crossword puzzles within your Canvas LMS environment is done within a few clicks after the setup.

Why use the integration?

Currently you need to create the puzzles at Puzzel.org, copy the embed code and then make sure you embed the puzzle correctly by adding it to the source code.

Time to reduce some hassle and make it more easy!

Note: if you are using a different LMS, no worries! You can still follow the 'normal' embed flow.

Using the integration

The first step to get set up, is to visit the LMS integration page of Puzzel.org on the EduAppCenter. Follow the installation instructions there (or ask your IT guy/gal to help with the integration)

Then test your first puzzle by following the next instructions:

  1. Create a new assignment and edit it
  2. Click the new black/yellow Puzzel.org editor icon in the Rich Content Editor and log in with your Puzzel.org account (only needed the first time)
  3. Pick the puzzle you would like to embed into the assignment
  4. Wait for your awesome puzzle to be loaded into the editor as an iframe

For Premium Users

  1. Go back to your Puzzle-settings on Puzzel.org, enable 'Show helpful buttons when embedded' and save the puzzle.
  2. Fill in the puzzle (or not), hit save as image above the puzzle, and upload the downloaded image into the assignment via the Canvas 'submit assignment' button

For non-Premium Users

  1. Use screenshots :)
  1. Check SpeedGrader and there is the image! :)

Missing something in the integration?

Do you have ideas on how to improve the integration or make it even more useful for you and other teachers? Let me know! (daan@puzzel.org).

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