Custom crossword puzzle

Create a custom crossword puzzle that matches your look, feel and functionality! Personalized all the way.

Building a crossword puzzle is one challenge, but building a custom crossword puzzle, now that is interesting! Since day 1 I have wanted to enable users to customize crossword puzzles in such a way that they integrate well within their own website so they feel very personalized and on point.

Custom crossword puzzle styling

The first part of customization is the styling. Enabling crossword puzzle makers to add their own brand look and feel is of utter importance, especially for the small businesses, magazines and larger corporations that want to use the puzzles for their target audience.

Puzzel.org currently offers the following styling customization options to build a custom crossword puzzle to your own liking:

  • Primary color (highlights)
  • Secondary color (contest cells)
  • Correct color
  • Font colors
  • Cell size
  • Font (puzzle + questions)
  • Black squares (integrate your logo or a different custom image)

Custom crossword puzzle functionality

The second way you can customize your crossword puzzle is by adding functionality that a normal paper / generated crossword puzzle does not have. This part to me (as a developer) is even more interesting since it opens many doors to awesome combinations of solving the crossword puzzle.

Custom crosswords could consists of any number of features, including the following existing options here at Puzzel.org:

Custom crossword puzzles

You are creative. And that is why there are always ideas you think of that I haven't thought about earlier. And that is great! I am always open to new custom ideas and extending the number of options for the crossword puzzles (secretly my favourite puzzle type! :)). If you have an idea that does not match the current crossword puzzle setup, just let me know and I will look into it: daan@puzzel.org

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