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Printing puzzles to enjoy puzzles the oldschool way! Printable for players and puzzle makers.

Create and find printable crossword puzzles easily online!

Before you can print your own crossword puzzle, you will first have to create one. Or, if you are looking for (cryptic) crossword puzzles that have been created by other people, check out the 'As an example layout, look at this example puzzle.

printable crossword puzzle example

Premium versus free puzzles

The free printable crossword puzzles are a good and simple way of utilizing my crossword puzzle generator for puzzles that you want to use for yourself or a small group. It contains the ads, the footer, and some other less clean details but is functional either way. To use a representative version of the printable crossword puzzle for a birthday or other occasions, I would advise to pay the small 'gift' amount to use your own styling. 

At Puzzel.org I will make sure that the printable version of the premium crossword puzzle has its own styling, so irrelevant parts like the menu, logo and buttons will not be shown while printing. As long as the puzzle isn't too big, it will fit on one A4-page. When it doesn't fit immediately, you can always try to adjust the printer settings from 'Portrait' to 'Landscape'. 

Besides that, it is possible to use your own images instead of the standard neutral black squares! This is pretty awesome and funny for someone's birthday, for example.

printable crossword puzzle premium

The premium printable crossword puzzles of Puzzel.org are always clean and will only contain the crossword puzzle, the questions and the name of the puzzle.

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