Quartets with learning question

Add an extra educational touch to your quartets game!

When I was thinking about creating a quartets game builder that could be used within the classroom, I had the idea for an online version.

What if you could ask for a specific quartets-card and the one being asked, received the question as a real question instead of the card.

For example: I ask for the card 'Banana' of the set 'Fruit'. As a learning question/description I add 'Crooked and yellow'.

Because you can influence in the online interface which part of the card is being shown (answer or learning question), you can give the game a special educational touch :).

And students that make the wrong choice at first (Yes while the answer is No, or the other way around), receive feedback that they didn't see it correctly and they will still have to give the correct answer.

So, no cheating allowed, but nice learning moments! :)

Try it out

You can now simply start by building a quartets-game and sharing the link to it via the button 'share this puzzle'.

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