custom word search

Create your own custom word search with ease and print it

Easily create a custom word search puzzle with your own words and print it if you prefer this above the interactive version.

Custom print version

Printing (and saving) your own word search puzzle is so easy via Puzzel.org! You can even adjust the size and font of the descriptions if you would like to pay 3 dollars. More ideas to customize the print version even more, are always welcome.

Why print, play online!

I started Puzzel.org to improve the oldschool variant of printing puzzles and solving them with pen and paper. Undoing wrong answers, and saving some trees are some of the benefits of the online, interactive word search version. Plus, if you would like to become a premium member, you can even add cool features such as a custom success message at the end, which can act as a word search with hidden solution!

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