Word search with solution

Creating a word search with solution is very popular, but also challenging..

Creating a word search with the traditional solution at the end is very tricky when you don't have a database of words to fill the word search with. But luckily, I have built a nice alternative!

Word search with own solution

As a puzzle maker, you would like to the puzzle player to discover a secret code, message or something else, so that the player can then continue to the next puzzle challenge

Because creating a word search with a hidden word, based on your own input, is technically almost impossible / very impractical, I have created a premium feature for the interested puzzle lovers where you can surprise the puzzle player with a custom made message as soon as the word search is solved!

Custom made message

This part is directly related to the page about 'your own custom success message'.

To elevate your word search to the next puzzle level, the scavenger hunt leven, you can hint the user to the next step with the following means:

  • the next puzzle link
  • a clarifying image
  • a hint/question in a paragraph of text

And it has confetti as an option as well! :)

Extra technical description: why no solution in the word search itself

When you would like to make a word search with solution, then there are two challenges. First, there is limited set of words. Let's say that you filled in 16 words. As soon as all of the words are placed within the grid, then a certain number of cells are left. Since you cannot control how well words overlap (there are only 16 words), and more importantly, you do not have control over the length of the answer (as the tool).

But, you might think, the puzzle magazines can do it as well! :) That's right, but they have a vast database of words and can play with the combination of words and a fitting answer, which exactly matches the characters that are remaining.

For now, there will be no word searches with solution (in the traditional way) at Puzzel.org. I will definitely look into the algorithm and the possibilities to improve the current version, by leaving words out or by hinting to the user that the answer should be longer/shorter.

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