Higher limits

Bigger organisations have a big audience to attend to and this is awesome! Although Puzzel.org by default is catered more to serving teachers, there are upgrade possibilities beyond the 5000 puzzles played limit of the Ambassador-subscription to make sure your puzzle is accessible at all times.

Sky is the limit?

Depending on your use case and audience estimation, there is always a fitting solution to serve all those potential puzzle players out there.

In general it will come down to three options:

  1. Upgrading your monthly limit per month
  2. Upgrading your monthly limit for 1 year
  3. Setting up a custom puzzel.org subdomain for your puzzles on a dedicated server

1. Upgrading your monthly limit per month

This option will fit most use cases since you cannot always estimate how many people will play your puzzle in a given month. This could be during a temporary marketing campaign, or when your puzzle gains (unexpected) traction.

It is very easy to directly allocate extra resources in these moments. This can be done through the following upgrade link.

Upgrading can already be done for $10.

Note: There are several sizes and limit bonuses can be bought at any time. Do note, that limits work on a monthly basis (calendar month), just like most phone data providers for example. So once a new month starts, your limit bonus will be gone (and the puzzles played limit for that month is reset as well to your subscription's default limit).

2. Upgrading your monthly limit for 1 year

If you expect to use Puzzel.org intensively for more than a month and your puzzles played to be between 10.000-30.000, then upgrading on a monthly basis might become cumbersome.

In this case I would advise to contact me (daan@puzzel.org) so we can discuss your needs and I will give you a fair and discounted relative pricing depending on your upper limit.

3. Setting up a custom puzzel.org subdomain for your puzzles on a dedicated server

Apparently you are a pretty big organisation and considering Puzzel.org, awesome! :)

From 30.000+ puzzles played per month I would advise contacting me (daan@puzzel.org) about setting up a dedicated server to only serve your puzzles. This would detach the dependency from the main puzzel.org domain and creating a better, faster and more reliable service (while protecting the main puzzel.org domain from overload as well! :))

The subdomain can be setup easily and quickly and should take no longer than 2-3 days to move into production. I would create a {company}.puzzel.org domain for your puzzles, so that you can embed them easily from the given custom domain.

Note: Since it takes me extra time, costs and effort to setup a dedicated server, this is only an option when using the puzzles for three months at minimum.

The pricing for setting up a custom dedicated puzzle server starts at 300 dollars per month (for 30.000 visitors) and will be determined based on the number of puzzles which are expected to be played. For the exact pricing I will keep a fair and discounted pricing in mind since there should be scale advantage for you as a customer of course.

Curious to know more about working together? Introduce your use case to me, daan@puzzel.org