Interactive puzzles

Create interactive puzzles online and share! Easily fillable digitally!

The best thing about puzzles I think, is to share and play them online. It is becoming increasingly more popular to use online learning management systems, magazines and newsletters and puzzles are a great way to tap into this movement.

Interactive puzzles are not easy to build yourself and require quite some logic to be able to load, save and register the accompanying data. This is what Puzzel.org specializes in.

The interactivity combined with user created puzzles is a combination that strikes the right note for teachers, magazine makers, marketing/engagement goals and other creative purposes.

I have built many interesting features to accompany and strengthen the interactive puzzles, like for example:

  • Crossword puzzles in teams
  • Puzzles + Registration functionality + stats
  • Custom styling opportunities
  • Multiplayer Memory
  • And a lot more!

To learn more about the different options, please check out the puzzle builders themselves, and dive into the different settings/premium/publish tabs to see all of the options.

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