Save puzzles online

Save your puzzles in your own private account so you can always edit and manage them

You are puzzeling online and all of a sudden you have to leave or the computer does something crazy. Pity, all of your filled in answers are gone! Or you would like to make a puzzle online but after you have created it, it isn't reachable or adjustable anymore. 

There must be better ways to solve this, we thought at Puzzel.org.

Puzzle saved online while playing

We built a nifty feature that makes sure that filled in answers are saved locally in your browser. This is a feature that is available for most modern browsers. See the diagram below to check if yours supports local storage.

save crossword puzzle locally

Puzzle saved after creating it

For the other challenge we had to make sure that people who wanted to use our crossword puzzle maker, could easily access their puzzles later on. So we needed an account form. A place where all of your developed puzzles could easily be found and stored. 

To accompany this process, we improved the workflow for our users by facilitating users to use crossword puzzle maker without having an account. After creating the puzzle, you can then choose to create an account and save the created puzzle automatically within your new account!

Puzzles also saved without an account

Just to let you know, puzzles are also saved once you build your puzzle without an account. It ends up in a temporary account which is hooked to your current browser session. If you create an account afterwards, then your account + created puzzles will automatically be converted to the new account and the puzzles will magically also be there! :)

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