White label puzzles

No logo, no direct Puzzel.org recognition. Just a clean puzzle in your styling!

You are proud of your brand and styling and would like your puzzles to integrate as seamless as possible into your own environment. To support this, the puzzles have all kinds of custom styling options which allow you to choose a combination that fits your needs best.

Especially the Supporter & Ambassador yearly subscription who have commercial stakes, might want to make use of these premium options to accompany their communication and marketing goals.

No domain reference

Besides the styling, the puzzles do not have any direct visible reference to Puzzel.org, except for the source code which needs to load the puzzle into your own domain. So completely white label for a low price!

Extra custom styling

If you would like extra custom styling for your account, you can always contact me to fit in your needs. For the commercial yearly account, I will add some simple changes for free and if there are more custom demands, we can always make a deal for extra work at 50 dollars per hour. Let me know if you miss anything: daan@puzzel.org

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