Puzzles with stats and registration

Register your digital puzzle players and keep track of their stats, real-time!

This puzzle feature makes it possible to see user statistics per question and aggregated statistics for different types of puzzles!

Nothing is less fun than to manually check exams and assignments. To make this process more fun and automated, I have developed the register-functionality with statistics.


Students register themselves for the puzzle and therefore have permanent access to their own answers. From a different computer, at a different time, they can still log in to their account and see/complete their puzzle. Everything is directly connected to the backend of Puzzel.org, and thus with your account as a teacher.


As the owner of the puzzle, you can easily follow the statistics in the backend. In real-time! The stats will be updated automatically as soon as a student fills in a new correct answer.

There are aggregated results for the:

  • Total users
  • Average spent time
  • Correct answers
  • Correctly answered questions

Stats per user

To complement the aggregated results, I have added individual statistics to the live statistics feed as well.

This makes it possible to use the puzzle as an exam/checkable assignment, since you as the teacher have direct access to the results of the individual! :)

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