Wordpress plugin for puzzles

Add puzzles to your Wordpress website with this easy-to-use new Wordpress plugin

For the premium members who would like to integrate their puzzles with more ease into their Wordpress website, this is now possible!

The plugin is a new experiment of mine and is still in beta-mode. Therefore, it not yet available in the official Wordpress plugin overview.

Install the Puzzel.org Wordpress plugin

To install the plugin, please follow the following steps:

  1. Download the plugin ZIP-file
  2. Login to Wordpress and go to Plugins > Add new
  3. Click on 'Upload plugin' at the top and select the downloaded the puzzel-org.zip file
  4. Click 'Install now'
  5. Click 'Activate plugin' once the installation has successfully been completed

Note: to use the current version of the plugin, you should have the classic editor enabled. The new Gutenberg editor is not yet supported.

Loading puzzles into Wordpress

The next step is to authenticate with Puzzel.org and load your puzzles into Wordpress.

  1. Go to the new Puzzel.org settings menu in the sidebar
  2. Fill in your Puzzel.org credentials (email/password) and click 'Authenticate with Puzzel.org'
  3. Once this is succesful, click on the 'Retrieve all puzzles' button
  4. Watch your beautiful list of puzzles get loaded :)
  5. Click 'Save Puzzles' at the bottom to save the puzzles into Wordpress

Embedding puzzles into Wordpress Posts/Pages

Once all of the puzzles are loaded into Wordpress, it is time to use them within your posts and pages! To make this as easy and visual as possible, I have created an extension for the Wordpress editor. This can be used in the following manner:

  1. Open up a (new) page/post within Wordpress
  2. Click on a empty spot within the editor where you would like to have a puzzle
  3. Click the new available and colorful black/yellow icon [P]
  4. Fill in the settings (width/height/language) or leave them as defaults if you currently don't know
  5. Click on the puzzle that you would like to embed within your post/page
  6. And there it is! Visually loaded into your page, waiting to be saved :)
  7. After you save the post/page, check out the published post/page on the website and see if you solve your own puzzle. :)

Only for premium users

Since the embedded puzzles are only available for premium users, the Wordpress plugin is only useful for premium users as well. If you are a new user and want crossword puzzles, word search puzzles, memory or quartets embedded right into your website, please upgrade first and then have fun with the plugin :).

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