Create Fill in the Gap Puzzle

The online fill in the gap puzzle maker - add a sentence, select the gaps and have fun!

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Creating your first 'Fill in the gap'

The goal of the fill in the gap puzzle is to create a sentence that contains one or multiple 'gaps'. Some people call them 'blanks' as well. These gaps/blanks can be anything, ranging from words to numbers to even punctuation!

This allows you to create any grammar exercise that you like, any math assignment or even plain open questions with an image. The Fill in the gap puzzle is super versatile.

The 'Instruction' field allows you to mention how the puzzle player is supposed to find the answer. For example, by giving the present tense of a certain verb.

Creating your first 'Fill in the gap'

Setting the 'gaps' within your sentence

The gaps can be created by clicking on the words/parts generated below the sentence. When a word is a gap, it will be shown in pink.

So please don't create your own gaps by putting in your own underscores like '___', this does not work and has no added value :).

Setting the 'gaps' within your sentence

Adding a 'Word bank'

The Premium-tab gives you access to the 'Word bank'. This will make it easier for puzzle players to solve the 'fill in the gap' since you can choose from all of the available correct answers.

The 'Reload given answers' and 'Disable answer control' are some other nice answer management tools that can help the user with continuing the puzzle later on or make the exercise harder by not giving any feedback if a given answer is correct or not.

Adding a 'Word bank'

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