General puzzle features

Everything surrounding puzzles should be easy, fun and interactive. That is my goal with 

From customer service to providing an easy way to save and play the puzzles online, everything that makes the lives of teachers and other puzzle lovers easier, is important to me. I prioritize functionality over monetization and am always glad to help or think with your organisation concerning the (technical) implementation.

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Answer control

All filled in answers will be corrected automatically

Embed on your website

Online puzzles directly embeddable within your website!


A lot of the features are free, just because I like it.


Discover awesome other websites that offer puzzle help.

Multilangual interface / support

Currently available in Dutch and English. New languages are welcome!

Online control

All of the puzzles can be managed online, via accounts.

Own question database

Import once, enjoy as long as your database lasts.

Save online

Your puzzle will always have it own spot in our online database

Social integration

All puzzles are shareable, because they are playable online!

Being made..


I love helping people. Please share your feedback.


Clear colors & compact interface.

White label puzzles

No logo, no direct recognition. Just a clean puzzle.

Being made..