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Can I create puzzles without an account?

Yes! Puzzel.org allows you to try and test out any puzzle type without creating an account.

And if you do create an account afterwards, the puzzles you created earlier should be loaded into your fresh account automatically (if created from the same device/browser).

Do you offer free accounts?

Yes! The platform is free by default, with only some restrictions in terms of features and usage. You can create two puzzles in your account for free and use all of the regular (non-Premium) features. Do keep in mind that free accounts have a limit of 60 puzzle plays per month.

I am only seeing my 'temporary' account? How do I get to my permanent account?

In this case you are not logged in yet. You can easily log-in here if you have an account already, or create a new account

I forgot my password, where do I reset it?

You can easily reset your password here. You will receive an email within minutes, make sure to check your spam-folder as well.

I want to change my email address connected to my account

This is now available from the dashboard: change my email address :)