The total amount of features within Puzzel.org is growing on a daily basis, because it is my ambition to make the integration of online puzzles as easy as possible. If you are a teacher, a marketing manager of a enthusiastic family member, a custom puzzle is great for creating involvement of students, clients and more!

For school I have developed a special offer with a lot of features and a low investment, because combining learning and playing is awesome! 

Feature categories

Take a look at the documentation and features of the current categories below. If you miss any information, please let me know.

Create crossword puzzle

From crossword puzzle to cryptogram, with prize question!

Create Wordseeker

The good old wordseeker is always availabe for some fun!

Create Quartets

Create a personalized quartets game for online and offline use! With optional learning-curve!

Discover Puzzle Features

The collection and ideas of cool puzzle qualities