Create acrostic puzzle

create an interactive acrostic puzzle around your hidden solution

Create a small mystery solution for your puzzle players to solve! The acrostic has the look of a crossword puzzle but with a different setup!

You can start building acrostic puzzles directly via the link below

Start my acrostic puzzle! or learn more first! :)

How does an acrostic puzzle work?

The acrostic puzzle has a unique setup around a hidden solution 'skeleton' that you need to find through solving individual answers. When creating the acrostic puzzle, you have to make sure you have enough answers to cover your hidden solution.

To get started, fill in some sample question/answers on the 'Start' tab and then add a hidden solution on the 'Settings' tab to see your puzzle grid. The hidden solution field will also tell you if you are missing any characters of the hidden solution in your answers.

To solve the acrostic puzzle, players need to find the answers to individual questions to gather characters for the end solution. As you go along, the hidden solution will reveal itself and the puzzle within the puzzle is solved! :)


How do students share /submit their completed acrostic puzzle?

Tracking (student) puzzle results is a cool feature that Puzzel.org has built in for upgraded subscriptions. You can add forced registration to see individual results (per question, in real-time), or add a completion message with a 'collect user info' option that allows you to export the submitted acrostic puzzle completions.

Can students solve the acrostic puzzle together?

Not yet! But I have it on my radar to add since I have already built it for the crossword puzzles and word searches, it should not be too much work to add for acrostic puzzles as well :)

Can the acrostic puzzle be embedded on my website?

Yes! This is the core goal of Puzzel.org, creating online, interactive and embeddable puzzles :). You do need an upgraded account for this.

Can the puzzle be customised?

Yes! You can adjust the colors, fonts and a lot of individual settings to make sure the acrostic puzzle is in line with what you are trying to achieve.

How will my acrostic puzzle look if I upgrade and embed it?

Below you see an interactive example acrostic puzzle that shows how cleanly the puzzles show after embedding. No recognition of Puzzel.org, just the clean puzzle, no strings attached :)

Do the acrostic puzzles have a hidden solution option?

Yes! This is the core of the acrostic puzzle! Without it, there is no acrostic to be made, since the puzzle does not have the hidden solution as a 'backbone'.

Can I add a wordbank to the acrostic puzzle?

Not yet! I have built this for the crossword puzzle already, but have not transferred the functionality to the acrostic yet. Definitely something I would like to do though!

How many people can play my acrostic puzzle?

The free version allows 60 acrostic puzzle plays per month per account. You can upgrade to a better subscription to allow more puzzle plays.

What are these numbers in the top right corner of my acrostic puzzle cells?

These are called 'helper numbers' and originate from the oldschool offline puzzle books. They can help you solve other questions since each cell with the same helper number should have the same character in it. This way you can collect characters from other questions while solving :). They can be turned off/tweaked if you join with an upgraded subscription.

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