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The crossword puzzle is the foundation of Puzzel.org, the one that kickstarted it all. The most popular puzzle out there, and the one with the most puzzle features!

You can start building crossword puzzles directly via the link below

Start my crossword puzzle! or learn more first! :)

Video tutorial

Check out the succinct crossword puzzle 7-minute video tutorial right here and discover exactly what your options are:

How do crossword puzzles work?

To create a crossword puzzle, you need to have at least two words since the words need to be 'crossed'. From that point on you can create more intersections between words and expand your puzzle grid. Luckily, the crossword algorithm does all that hard thinking for us! :)

Adding words revolved around a theme is a very logical and a nice choice to make sure your words cross in context as well as visually :)


How do students share /submit their completed puzzle?

Tracking (student) puzzle results is a cool feature that Puzzel.org has built in for upgraded subscriptions. You can add forced registration to see individual results (per question, in real-time), or add a completion message with a 'collect user info' option that allows you to export the submitted puzzle completions.

Can students solve the crossword puzzle together?

Yes! This is possible within any of the upgraded subscriptions and a lot of fun! The crossword puzzle will synchronise correct answers in real-time to the other players on the team.

Can the puzzle be embedded on my website?

Yes! This is the core goal of Puzzel.org, creating online, interactive and embeddable puzzles :). You do need an upgraded account for this.

Can the puzzle be customised?

Yes! You can adjust the colors, cell backgrounds, fonts and a lot of individual settings to make sure the crossword puzzle fits your goal perfectly.

How will my puzzle look if I upgrade?

Below you see an interactive example crossword puzzle that shows how cleanly the puzzles show after embedding. Everything is customisable and there is no direct link to Puzzel.org whatsoever. Just the puzzle, no shenanigans :)

I love building crossword puzzles myself, can I?

For you as the hobbyist/newspaper/magazine hardcore puzzle maker, that loves building a crossword puzzle yourself, you can! There is a separate crossword builder that you can use manually to insert the words in the grid yourself. The manual mode can be recognised and switched to via the icon.

Do the crossword puzzles have a hidden solution option?

Yes! The puzzle within the puzzle :). You can add a hidden solution easily via the 'Settings' tab when working on creating your crossword puzzle. This will create highlighted cells that can be used to find the solution.

Can I add a wordbank to the crossword puzzle?

Yes! This is a feature within the upgraded subscriptions. The word bank will be filled with the possible answers that you inserted and appears once you select a starting cell of a word, to insert the characters of the answer that you selected.

How many people can play my crossword puzzle?

The free version allows 60 puzzle plays per month per account. You can upgrade to a better subscription to allow more puzzle plays.

Example puzzle

Crossword features

Crossword puzzle with hidden solution

Build a climax to your acrostic puzzle. Or offer a prize question by sending in the hidden solution!

Crossword puzzles with pictures

Crossword puzzles with images made easy! Great for kids!

Crossword Puzzles in Teams

Solve a puzzle together, at the same time! As a teacher, great to use in your electronic classroom!

Answer controls

All filled in answers will be corrected automatically. No more manual checking for teachers!

cryptic crossword puzzles

Creating cryptograms online has never been so.. non-cryptic!

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