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an interactive jigsaw puzzle to transfer the offline jigsaw fun to an online puzzle adventure

The jigsaw puzzle is the first puzzle people think of when searching for 'create puzzle'. And you can do that creation right here! :)

You can start building jigsaw puzzles directly via the link below

Start my jigsaw puzzle! or learn more first! :)

How do jigsaw puzzles work?

Jigsaw puzzles start from an image that you upload yourself, making it fully personalised from the start! The image then gets sliced up into any number of puzzle pieces, just like your offline jigsaw puzzle.

The jigsaw puzzle pieces are randomly spread across the puzzle field and need to be returned to their original spot. You do this by dragging the pieces (touch for mobile, mouse for desktop).

The jigsaw puzzle field helps you out a bit, because if you drag a piece near the correct spot, the puzzle piece will 'click' into place and cannot be moved anymore. Once completed, the full picture will be shown again and the edges will fade somewhat to allow your image to shine in full glory :)


How do players share /submit their completed jigsaw puzzle?

Tracking (student) completions is a cool feature that Puzzel.org has built in for upgraded subscriptions. You can add forced registration to see individual completion, or add a completion message with a 'collect user info' option that allows you to export the submitted jigsaw puzzle completions.

Can students solve the jigsaw puzzle together?

Not yet! But this sound fun :) if you think this is cool, let me know and I will see if I can move it up in priority :) - it would synchronise a solved piece once you add it to the correct spot I think

Can the jigsaw puzzle be embedded on my website?

Yes! This is the core goal of Puzzel.org, creating online, interactive and embeddable puzzles :). You do need an upgraded account for this.

Can the jigsaw puzzle be customised?

Yes! You can adjust the colors, fonts and a lot of individual settings to make sure the jigsaw puzzle looks his part as you would like it.

How will my jigsaw puzzle look if I upgrade and embed it?

Below you see an interactive example jigsaw puzzle. Just the puzzle, no wasted space, and no Puzzel.org recognition.

How many people can play my jigsaw puzzle?

The free version allows 60 jigsaw puzzle plays per month per account. You can upgrade to a better subscription to allow more puzzle plays.

Is it possible to add more space so the pieces do not cover the jigsaw puzzle field?

Yes! As a premium user, you can add a separate solving area where the pieces will populate. This way you have more space to organise your puzzle pieces! :)

Example puzzle

Jigsaw features

Picture Puzzle Maker

The picture puzzle maker with all kinds of puzzle type support. Great for kids too via the visual clues!

Embed puzzles into your website

Sharing your custom built puzzles from your own website and/or LMS with ease

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