Create 'Label This Image'

Create your own 'label this image' puzzle, by dragging labels in their correct spots and see if the user can find the right answers!

Create your own 'label this image' puzzle, by dragging labels in their correct spots and see if the user can find the right answers!

You can start building your 'label this image' puzzles directly via the link below

Start my 'label this image' puzzle! or learn more first! :)

How does the 'label this image' puzzle work?

The 'label this image' puzzle is a combination of a base image that you upload first. Then you start adding labels and drag them to their corresponding positions within the base image.

This way, you can create all kinds of nice classification exercises, ranging from topography to biology to car mechanics.

The puzzle player then needs to type in all of the correct 'labels' for the positions of the corresponding numbers within the image. See the example puzzle below to see how this works.


How do players share/submit their 'label this image' puzzle?

Tracking (student) completions is a cool feature that Puzzel.org has built in for upgraded subscriptions. You can add forced registration to see individual completion, or add a completion message with a 'collect user info' option that allows you to export the submitted 'label this image' completions.

Can the 'label this image' puzzle be embedded on my website?

Yes! This is the core goal of Puzzel.org, creating online, interactive and embeddable puzzles :). You do need an upgraded account for this.

Can the 'label this image' be customised?

Yes! You can adjust the colors, fonts and a lot of individual settings to make sure the labels are readable within the image and to make sure the image fits your own website/branding altogether.

How will my 'label this image' puzzle look if I upgrade and embed it?

Below you see an interactive example 'label this image' puzzle. Just the puzzle, no wasted space, and no Puzzel.org recognition.

How many people can play my 'label this image' puzzle?

The free version allows 60 'label this image' puzzle plays per month per account. You can upgrade to a better subscription to allow more puzzle plays.

Is it possible for students to drag the labels to the correct spots instead of typing the correct label?

Yes! This will be a 'Type' option on the Premium-tab when creating/editing your puzzle. You can switch it to 'Drag/drop' and the puzzle players receives the correct labels to drag within the puzzle.

Example puzzle

Label This features

Answer controls

All filled in answers will be corrected automatically. No more manual checking for teachers!

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