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an interactive card game for 3-4 players, with fun contextual grouping to learn more about a subject

Quartets originated in the Netherlands and is a card game that allows grouping subjects into four different cards. Now you have to collect all the cards of the same subject to get a 'Quartet'! :)

You can start building your quartets game directly via the link below

Start my quartets game! or learn more first! :)

How does the quartets game work?

Quartets is a multiplayer-game only. You play with other people and battle to find the most card sets.

The game revolves around collecting as much card sets ('quartets') as possible. You do this by asking other people in your game for a card that you need to complete your set. But you do not know if they actually have that card! :) If you guess wrong, the turn goes to the next player, but if you guess right you can continue and try to collect more cards.

Through interactive popups and messages, players are kept up-to-date of the state of the quartets game. But, combining it with something like Microsoft Teams / Zoom / etc, is of course extra fun since you can speculate in audio as well.


How can I play the quartets game by myself?

Since the game is no fun by default for 1-2 players, there is no built-in version to play against yourself. But! You can still achieve this by using multiple devices/browsers to 'fake' playing with multiple players. Open your quartets game link and register as different players to try out your game yourself anyway!

Can the quartets game be embedded on my website?

Yes! This is the core goal of Puzzel.org, creating online, interactive and embeddable games :). You do need an upgraded account for this.

Can the quartets game be customised?

Yes! You can adjust the colors, card backgrounds, fonts and a lot of individual settings to make sure the quartets game looks according to your expectations.

How will my puzzle look if I upgrade and embed it?

Below you see an interactive example quartets game that shows how cleanly the quartets game shows after embedding. Notice though that you do need multiple players to start the game. So use the trick from the question 'How can I play the quartets game by myself?' above, or find some colleagues/friends to try it out by sharing this page.

How many people can play my quartets game?

The free version allows 60 game plays per month per account. You can upgrade to a better subscription to allow more game plays.

Can I add longer descriptions to my cards?

Yes! There is a creative quartets mode called 'Learn' for Premium subscriptions. This allows you to add longer descriptions to each card. The description gets shown whenever you ask someone else for a card. That person then has to decide if he/she has the card, based on that description and thus there is more educational value! :)

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