Create reorder puzzle

Create fun reordering puzzles to challenge the player with sentences, image orders, math problems, and more!

The reorder puzzle maker

The goal of the reorder puzzle is to create a sequence of words/images that should logically have a certain order.

This can be based on grammatical logic, on order in terms of size, on chronological order, or any other order you can think of! :)

Add any combination of texts and images to build your custom sequence.

The reorder puzzle maker

The gameplay of the reorder puzzle

At the start of the puzzle, the cards are shuffled randomly and should be put back into the right order by the puzzle player. This dynamic takes place by dragging and swapping the cards, which should feel quite intuitive for the reorder puzzle player.

Once your sequence is correct, the sequence lights up in the correct color.

If you want to make it more difficult/uncertain for the player, you can enable the Premium 'Disable checking answers'.

A page can contain multiple reorder sequences, this way players do not have to switch pages all the time, they can fill in the sequences after each other (if you want to).

The gameplay of the reorder puzzle