Create scavenger hunt

create an interactive scavenger hunt by connecting multiple challenges into one big game

The Scavenger Hunt offers a way to challenge players with multiple puzzles/games/riddles and whatever else you can think of!

You can start building your scavenger hunt directly via the link below

Start my scavenger hunt! or learn more first! :)

How does the scavenger hunt work?

The scavenger hunt involves connecting multiple challenges/puzzles and unlocking each one step by step. So to make this work, make sure every challenge you add contains some form of completion/question that leads the scavenger hunt player towards the next challenge with a code.

You can connect a challenge to a Puzzel.org puzzle, but you can also add external links where people should find the answer to unlock the next challenge. There is not more to it. You can go wild with your creativity here!

Create descriptions with a cryptic message that can lead to a code, add an image as a clue, create a puzzle with a code/hidden solution. There are lots of options. It is about trying out what suits you for the Scavenger Hunt you would like to build. You cannot do anything wrong, except not giving players a clear clue of where to find the code to the next challenge.


How do players share / submit their completed scavenger hunt?

Tracking (student) results is a cool feature that Puzzel.org has built in for upgraded subscriptions. You can add forced registration to see individual results (progress percentage of completed challenges, in real-time), or add a completion message with a 'collect user info' option that allows you to export the submitted scavenger hunt completions.

Can players solve the scavenger hunt together?

No, not yet! But this sounds interesting I think :) If you have a use case for this, let me know and I will see if I can shift it up in priority since I then know more people are interested!

Can the scavenger hunt be embedded on my website?

Yes! You do need an upgraded account for this.

Can the scavenger hunt be customised?

Yes! You can adjust the colors, fonts and a lot of individual settings to make sure the scavenger hunt fits your goal perfectly.

How will my scavenger hunt look if I upgrade and embed it?

Below you see an interactive example scavenger hunt. No direct link to Puzzel.org whatsoever. Just the hunt and no further shenanigans :)

How many people can play my scavenger hunt?

The free version allows 60 scavenger hunt plays per month per account. You can upgrade to a better subscription to allow more plays.

Can I prevent people from guessing a lot easily?

The upgraded subcriptions have an option called Lockout period' that allows you to lock players out of giving a new answer after giving a certain number of wrong answers. This way you can block players from 'brute-forcing' their way into solving a challenge :)

Example puzzle

Scavenger Hunt features

Code Puzzle Maker

Puzzel.org has loads of code puzzle makers in all different forms. Learn more and find one that suits your needs!

Customizable puzzles

Create custom puzzles with styling and features

Create Scavenger Hunt