Create sliding puzzle

the online sliding puzzle maker creates your sliding puzzle within seconds, but the solving can be more challenging! :)

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The sliding puzzle maker

Creating your first sliding puzzle is as easy as uploading your own image and boom, there it is! :)

The slides are divided up automatically and you only need to save it in order to start playing/sharing.

The sliding puzzle maker

Tweak the difficulty level

You can fully customize the difficulty level of your sliding puzzle via the 'Settings'-tab by changing the number of rows and columns. The more slides you add, the harder it will be for the player to solve the puzzle.

Other ways to increase difficulty is by removing an example image below the puzzle, hiding it 'within' the puzzle as a background image and you can even hide the numbers to really turn up the heat!

But beware, the sliding puzzle is harder than it seems at first, so have some mercy and keep the settings realistic :-) (or make sure you can solve it yourself!)

Tweak the difficulty level

Tweak the Premium 'Difficulty'

The final way to manage the difficulty is via the Premium 'Difficulty' setting. This can be set to 'Easy', 'Normal' and 'Hard'.

These settings refer to the number of times the slides are being moved from their starting position by the sliding puzzle algorithm when shuffling around the puzzle pieces.

The player has no clue what the level is, but as you can try out yourself, the more the puzzle is shuffled, the harder it will be to bring back everything in the right spot.

Tweak the Premium 'Difficulty'

Check out the sample puzzle

Discover how this puzzle type looks in practice by viewing and playing the sample puzzle (opens in a new tab)