Word puzzle generator

Word puzzle generator for creating nice looking word searches

In this article I will explain what the word search puzzle generator options are and how you can use it for your own goals. Not looking for the word search? Check out our online crossword puzzle generator.

The generator

To make the creation of a new word (search) puzzle as friendly as possible, I have added a real-time view which updates every time you add a new word for your puzzle.

You can easily tweak and change your puzzle directly if it doesn't meet your requirements / expectations yet.

The algorithm

The algorithm looks through your word list and the allowed list of given directions (north/east/southwest/etc..). It will then randomly insert a word into the size of the grid and move to the next word until either all words have been placed, or a new spot for a word could not be found.

Missing words from the grid are highlighted in red and can be added by increasing the size of the word search grid via the Settings-tab.

Generate a puzzle with your own answers

The cool thing about generating a puzzle is when you can customize it with your own questions and answers. And that is exactly what Puzzel.org offers!

And not only that, the word search puzzle has different types that allow you to create different types of 'hints' or questions to find the words in the puzzle. The currently supported types/hints are:

  • Words
  • Questions
  • Images

Create your own

To start with your own first word search puzzle, you can be off to the races within a few seconds! Start with your first word here and see your puzzle unfold!

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