Embed on your website

With just a little bit of code you can embed a crossword puzzle within your own website with ease!

At Puzzel.org I want to ensure that the online sharing of crossword puzzles is as easy as possible and we have therefore made a special version of our crossword puzzles which can be embedded nicely!

Why embed a crossword puzzle?

  • Directly available to the visitors of your website
  • More engagement from your visitors
  • In combination with some of your own styling/logo, the embeddable crossword puzzle will seem as an integral part of your website.

How does the code work?

All of the features and styling are being loaded from the Puzzel.org servers. Therefore you don't need to implement any fancy code, except the embed-code of your own crossword puzzle. The code looks as follows:

Puzzles are also available via Wordpress by installing the new Puzzel.org Wordpress plugin! A new experiment that is interesting to try out! :) - Discover the new Wordpress Plugin

To make sure that the crossword puzzle is in its optimal form, you can also adjust the width/height of the iframe in the code above. This also impacts if a scrollbar is shown or not. If you want to go a step further, you can also start a premium account and ask me (daan@puzzel.org) to upload your custom CSS (styling) which will allow you to adjust the layout of the puzzles to your liking.