Math puzzles

Make math puzzles an integral path of your lessons as a teacher. Make math fun again!

I know you math teachers out there enjoy puzzles and that is why I wanted to expand the current genres being used within the puzzles of Puzzel.org!

Most crossword puzzles have restrictions on the input needing to be characters from the alphabet, but why exactly? Wouldn't it be awesome to gather hints and numbers while solving math equations, just like you gather characters when solving normal crossword puzzles?

math crossword puzzle

Introducing math puzzle options

By allowing creative character input and having descriptions in multiple forms (images / sentences), you can even show visual representations of math challenges. Puzzles are always a fun and low threshold question form which is what math and math teachers sometimes need (or actually the math students)

More ideas

I have just touched the surface with this math crossword puzzle idea, but it would be great to increase the number of user generated math puzzles out there with different puzzle types.

Currently I do not have any extra inspiration, but if you do and just need someone to implement it, let me know and I will look into it! :) - daan@puzzel.org

In the meantime, enjoy the math crossword puzzle creator!

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