Custom messages

Surprise your players with a custom message when the puzzle is done! Allows a link and a image as well!

From scavenger hunts to online competitions to a nice bonus for the students, your own custom success message after solving a puzzle offers a range of possibilities!

Add your own custom message

The puzzles within Puzzel.org all have the option to add a success-message once the puzzle has been solved. To customize this, you as the puzzle owner have the following types of input:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Image
  • Link
  • Confetti! :)
  • Gather contact info

Puzzle scavenger hunt

A very nice way to use this, is to unlock a secret code/link once the puzzle has been solved. In that way, puzzle players can be sent from link to link of can unlock a code which can be used elsewhere, like a physical lock, a password, you name it!

Subject introduction

Via image and text you have the opportunity to introduce a new subject once the puzzle has been solved. The puzzle itself can be used to ask a number of basic questions about the subject and then follow through with the introduction and a link to read more about it.

Also interesting

This type of functionality is comparable to/an extension of the crossword puzzle feature: 'crossword puzzle with solution'.

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