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You are almost ordering an awesome puzzle or a sweet premium account. We currently offer the payment methods below. If you miss an option, please let me know.

PayPal? Please send me an email and I will send you an invoice via Paypal. 

I hope that as many people as possible will have fun using Puzzel.org.

It is a project which I enjoy working on a lot and which I would love to keep improving. If you see the same added value as I do, then I hope that you will support the development of the platform. Only if you really want to of course :).

Printing with an own image as the black square

Would you like to add your own photo/picture as a replacement of the black squares? This is possible! A nice surprise for the receiver of the puzzle when he sees his own picture woven into the puzzle.

Example with own image

Puzzles with pretty/theme print styling

The paid print-version will be generated without the menu and other buttons. The descriptions will also be displayed in a nicer way. As the cherry on the pie, you can choose from multiple themes or your own theme to finish your unique puzzle.

Example themes

Example of nice print-version with all possibilities

10 percent of the print revenue goes to new trees

I get the use of printing out (crossword) puzzles. But it does kill trees. That is why I have chosen to donate 10 percent of the print revenue to plant new trees, to compensate for the extra use of paper.

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My details

A direct donation is also always welcome whenever you see a lot of added value in this project.

Name: Daan Weustenraad
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