Crossword Puzzles in Teams

Solve a puzzle together, at the same time! As a teacher, great to use in your electronic classroom!

One of the most fun ways to puzzle / play, is the multiplayer-form, in which you try to solve problems together! And with a little bit of competition, it is even more awesome!

As a teacher

To facilitate this for schools, I have built a feature where the teacher can construct teams or let Puzzel.org construct the teams at random. After you start the crossword puzzle for teams, you will receive a link to share with the students. Then, you will see the students join the teams in real-time, on your overview-page.

After the teams are complete, start the battle between the teams! You will be able to see the stream of correct answers live on your overview page. This way, you will know the progress of the teams and which team finishes first! It is awesome to show this overview / team-progress on a central screen such as a digital schoolboard, so students themselves are aware of the progress of other teams.

The students

Via the link, students can fill in their name and pick a team, or be randomly divided into teams, depending on your settings. Afterwards, they will have to wait until the teacher / puzzle-owner starts the crossword puzzle battle. This will be accompanied by a short countdown clock :).

The players within the teams will then work on the solving of the crossword puzzles. Every correct answer will be shared directly with the other team-members and will appear in their own crossword puzzles. This way, everything will stay up to date and you can really work together as a team, in real-time. Multiplayer-style!

Try it out!

Solving crossword puzzles with multiple players at the same time is a unique feature which I hope teachers and students will enjoy!

Create a crossword puzzle for teams!

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