Code Puzzle Maker

Puzzel.org has loads of code puzzle makers in all different forms. Learn more and find one that suits your needs!

One of the most cool aspect of puzzles is the challenge. The challenge to solve the riddle that is given, no matter the format. Puzzel.org loves this feature and tries to support it in all different kinds of implementations of a code puzzle maker.

Show me the code options!

The options are pretty diverse and you can try for yourself which suits you best. One requires a Premium-account but most are free by default. Let's check them out!

  1. The Cryptogram
  2. The Scavenger Hunt
  3. The Hidden Solution within Crosswords
  4. The Acrostic Puzzle
  5. The Message shown on Completion

1. The Cryptogram

This is the most classic code puzzle maker I would say. Encode a secret sentence in numbers and let the puzzle player solve the rest!

To make it a bit easier for the puzzle player, the code can be partially filled with helper letters (most common / custom / vowels) which gives the player a bit more context.

Feeling the vibe with the cryptogram? Start creating one right away!

2. The Scavenger hunt

This is a code puzzle type with endless depth since you can add as many code puzzle challenges as you like! Every challenge has a code, a description, an image and an optional link to an external or Puzzel.org puzzle.

You have to make sure every challenge in the scavenger hunt has a way to discover the code of course, but besides that you are completely free in how to setup this puzzle type.

Unleash the online scavenging and start the hunt!

3. The Hidden Solution with Crosswords

An all-time favourite within the Puzzel.org platform, even earning its own feature page about how the hidden solution is implemented.

Since crossword puzzles are very familiar to most and offer a fun and accessible way to solve a puzzle, even if you are not the most capable puzzle player, the hidden solution here is a cool way to create a general playable puzzle. Filled with auto-completion and all :).

Start implementing your new crossword right away.

4. The Acrostic Puzzle

The whole purpose of the acrostic puzzle is to contain a hidden code to find. This code puzzle maker does not even function without it! It is the body that connects the answers and is therefore awesome!

Make sure you have enough answers to cover the code and you will have a great puzzle skeleton to share with your puzzle players.

Start working on your skeleton and create an acrostic puzzle.

5. The Message shown on Completion

This option requires a Premium-account.

All puzzles within Puzzel.org have a 'completion state', the moment on which the puzzle is done and completed by the player. This is the moment to unlock the code and share it with your player via the completion message.

The message can be fully customised and has therefore earned the rights to an own feature page as well! :)

Great in conjunction with the online scavenger hunt for example, since you can connect a whole series of puzzles together via the code shared on completion. The code puzzle maker fantasy for everybody, right? :)

As a Premium member you can add the completion message to every puzzle via the Premium-tab. Scroll down to the bottom and you will find the 'Show message' which unlocks the other customisations.

Need more code puzzles?

As a developer I of course like code ;), and there is always room for improvement or different ways to implement a code puzzle. So if you have new ideas, just send me (daan@puzzel.org a message with your concept and I will seriously consider looking into it.

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