Picture Puzzle Maker

The picture puzzle maker with all kinds of puzzle type support. Great for kids too via the visual clues!

Everbody likes visuals! Instead of reading a question you can just take a look and check out the image in front of you. It still may be in the form of a crossword puzzle with pictures for example, but at least there are pictures!

Build puzzles with images

Since everybody learns differently, it can be a nice change for some students or puzzle solvers to step into a visual challenge. Puzzel.org understands this need and offers all sorts of puzzle makers which include pictures.

Sometimes premium

Some of the puzzle types require a premium subscription to be used with images (crossword / word search), but the others are all free from the start since the essence of the puzzle includes pictures. Upgrading can always be done afterwards if you like the basics :).

Your picture puzzle maker

Do you have different ideas with which you would like to make awesome picture puzzles? Just let me know your concept and I will look into expanding the current options with your idea: daan@puzzel.org

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