Features and solutions for every puzzle idea

combine features and puzzle types to create your own custom and unique puzzles

Diverse puzzle generators

Code Puzzle Maker

Puzzel.org has loads of code puzzle makers spread across all kinds of puzzle types. Hide your secret in any way you like!

Math puzzles

By using the puzzle types in creative ways you can even turn them into all sorts of math puzzles

Online Crossword Puzzle Generator

Generating an online crossword puzzle is super easy, quick and happens in real-time

Picture Puzzle Maker

Generate all sorts of picture puzzles via the different types of online picture puzzle makers

Word puzzle generator

Generate all sorts of word puzzles via the different types of online word puzzle generators

Tracking and checking results

Answer controls

All puzzles have built-in answer control - no more manual checking, let the system do the work!

Tracking puzzle results

See who completes your puzzle based on handpicked registration fields, including the time they spent and the submission timestamp

Custom completion message

Show your own message to a player when the puzzle is completed - fully customizable with loads of features

Play against others

Puzzle Challenge other players

You can now challenge any player to a self-created puzzle battle! Any puzzle that has progress can now be converted into a race to see who finishes your puzzle the fastest.

Solving Puzzles in Teams

Solve a puzzle together, at the same time! Team-based puzzles give great interaction possibilities for group-based work

Puzzle customization

Customizable puzzles

Create the puzzle with exactly the look and feel that you have in mind, tweak any styling option to your preference

Embed puzzles into your website

Easily embed any puzzle that you create on your own website via an iframe - fully white label

Other features

Canvas LMS integration

The ideal way to integrate puzzles in the Canvas LMS - embed every puzzle type in your assignments

Developer features

Interesting features with extra potential that require a developer on your end to make it work.

Organizing your puzzles

Make sure that you can easily find back your puzzles by organizing them into an easy to use folder system

PuzzleGPT: AI Puzzle Generation

Modern technology allows us to integrate artificial intelligence into content creation, so it has now been integrated into puzzle generation as well!

Puzzle plays

Understand how puzzle plays are being used and how they are reported back in your account

Reuse your content across puzzle makers

All puzzle makers that have the same sort of question/answer structure can be copied to each other, so that you can create multiple types of exercises based on the same content

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