Crossword puzzles with pictures

Crossword puzzles with images made easy! Great for kids!

The ideal alternative to crossword puzzles with textual descriptions! Give students picture clues for the answer and create compelling, diverse educational material :)


To illustrate, I have created a small example puzzle with images. See the screenshot and the link below for the online playable version. Example: Crossword puzzle with images

Placement of the images

The placement of the images is done with a maximum width/height so that your crossword puzzle with pictures stays viewable and clear. The images will always keep their aspect ratio so that they are not distorted and ugly.

Create your own crossword puzzle with pictures

This is very simple! Go to this page with your premium account and select 'Image' instead of 'Normal' on the Premium-tab and you can immediately start uploading your images as descriptions.

Have lots of fun and please let me know if you walk into any problems or other cool suggestions!

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