Crossword puzzle with hidden solution

Build a climax to your acrostic puzzle. Or offer a prize question by sending in the hidden solution!

Whenever you are building a crossword puzzle, it is of course extra nice if there is a hidden treasure at the end. A puzzle within a puzzle. A (acrostic) crossword puzzle with a central word, solution or prize question. And this is available at Puzzel.org!

I have built the option to add a central solution / word to your question set. Based on the letters in the questions, the crossword puzzle maker tries its best to fill in matching squares within the crossword puzzle to unlock parts of the final solution. 

Whenever you unlock a 'contest square' (marked purple), then the character will automatically appear in the right spot within the answer, below the crossword puzzle. With the print version there is only the purple squares, without the automatic filling, so there is an extra puzzle element to constructing the right answer :). 


I like to build acrostic crossword puzzles myself and I like the prize question feature a lot! That's why I have created an example puzzle, so that you have a visual image of what the end result might look like. The image below is linked to the interactive version of the crossword puzzle.

crossword puzzle with solution

Use all of the characters of your central word! :)

Often, I see people enthusiastically adding amazing amounts of characters to their end solution, while their crossword puzzle is pretty small. This is a pity, because the algorithm won't be able to fill all of the answer squares in the end! 

Currently there is a new feature included to help with this. It will check if the letters in your central word match characters within the answers to your questions. If the solution misses a number of characters, it will block the submitting of the puzzle until you add more questions or add a different solution.

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