Free Puzzle Maker

The free online puzzle maker that has a great free tier! No software required.

To create the best possible experience for everybody, I have created a free standard without needing an account to start creating puzzles.

The free puzzle maker at Puzzel.org ensures that students and hobbyists can easily create puzzles without having to reach into their pockets and pay for this service.

If you started out for free and want to get the most of your puzzles, then it might be time to check out the premium features and consider joining Puzzel.org as a premium subscriber.

You can already join as a teacher for 30 dollars per year. Or just try out the features first for 10 dollars for one month: Check it out


To strike a balance between free and premium, there a couple of fair use restrictions:

  • Maximum of 60 visitors
  • Maximum of 2 puzzles saved in your account
  • No premium features

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